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Where History and Hospitality Meet!

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Step into a timeless journey at our locomotive-inspired tavern. Where rich history meets modern flair, Old '97 is your ticket to savor classic libations and unforgettable evenings.

Old 97 Tavern Music
Old 97 Tavern Music
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Wreck Of The Old '97

Nestled in the city's heart, Old '97 Tavern is more than just a dining destination—it's a journey back in time. Drawing inspiration from the romantic era of steam-powered locomotives and the legendary tales of train travels, our tavern offers patrons a unique escape from the modern hustle. Our decor, reflecting the grandeur of old-world train stations and the rugged charm of locomotives, sets the scene for a nostalgic and novel experience.

With a menu that combines classic recipes with contemporary twists, every dish is a testament to timeless flavors and culinary innovation. Our bartenders, much like the conductors of yesteryears, guide you through a curated selection of drinks, each telling its own tale. Old '97 is more than a restaurant; it's a testament to history, art, and gastronomy. Here, every meal is a journey, every drink a new stop on the route, and every evening an adventure waiting to unfold.


Dine On Timeless Tastes

Each dish is a destination, meticulously crafted to transport your palate to new realms of flavor.

Diverse range of refreshing drinks.

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Tuesday - Thursday | 11:30 Am - 10:00 pm

Friday - Saturday | 11:30 Am - 11:00 pm


(434) 549-5912

315 Lynn street

Danville, VA 24541


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Updated Logo Old 97

Old '97 Tavern is your gateway to a bygone era, blending vintage charm and modern culinary artistry. Step into nostalgia and savor every moment with our unique concoctions and timeless dishes.

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