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Our Dining for shared events
Embark on a dining adventure with the Old 97 theme

Nestled in the heart of our bustling city lies Old '97 Tavern, a sanctuary where the past and present intertwine, inviting guests to experience the romance and vigor of the bygone railway era. Our name pays homage to the legendary train, Old '97, symbolizing strength, speed, and a spirit of enduring adventure.

Old '97 Tavern was conceived with a vision to create a unique space where guests can relive the enchanting allure of the historic railway days while indulging in culinary excellence.

Our Inspiration

Our Flavor

Dining at its finest

Our meticulously crafted menu is a journey through time, blending classic favorites with innovative twists, ensuring every dish is a destination of flavors, a testament to timeless culinary artistry. We take pride in offering a select but diverse menu, and we continually innovate with seasonal specialties that allow our guests to explore new culinary landscapes with each visit.

Perfect dining for shared moments

Every Table Tells Its Own Tale

Updated Logo Old 97

Old '97 Tavern is your gateway to a bygone era, blending vintage charm and modern culinary artistry. Step into nostalgia and savor every moment with our unique concoctions and timeless dishes.

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